APs,  Registered Reps & IBs

Brightwork Financial Services is expanding its Independent Broker Network. You should contact us if you:

• are a licensed brokerage or advisory professional with a honest history;
• have an established track record of success and strive to reach a higher level;
• are independent or considering becoming independent and seek a better solution;
• have the spirit and desire to control your own destiny

Brightwork Financial Services will be your best option for supported independence by offering an exciting alternative to the traditional broker/brokerage firm relationship. Brightwork Financial Services provides brokerage and investment professionals with an independent and support-rich working environment designed to promote business development and enhance client satisfaction.

Brightwork Financial Services’ objective is to provide our Independent Broker Network with an all-encompassing turn-key solution allowing you to concentrate on growing your business and servicing your clients. Our custom Compliance, Business Development and Brokerage services along with our status as an Independent Introducing Broker form the foundation of our offering. We aim to provide our Independent Brokers with a sound infrastructure, access to established and negotiated relationships at a multitude of clearing firms, a wide selection of financial markets, products and trading resources, along with operational advisement.

To learn more about how Brightwork Financial Services can help you achieve your goals, contact us in strict confidence  at (872) 215-6403 or at sales@brightworkfinancial.com.